A Word About Scaling


A Word About Scaling

According to the survey, some of you want an alternative workout programmed just in case you don't want to/don't think you can do the WOD. To clarify: all of the movements we do have an appropriate scale, so everyone can do the WOD regardless of abilities. Scaling not only includes decreasing the weight you are lifting or number of reps/rounds you are to perform, but also subbing a more manageable exercise so that you still get the effects of the Rx movement.

Examples of common exercises and appropriate scaling/subbing are:
– Instead of knees to elbows…hanging leg raises or sit-ups
– Instead of Chest-to-floor push-ups…push-ups on knees
– Instead of Muscle-ups…muscle-up rows
– Instead of Handstand push-ups…decline push-ups from a box
– Instead of Box jumps…step ups

If you're a beginner (or if you've missed a few weeks, if you're injured, sick etc.), scaling is crucial until you are acclimated to CrossFit. Again, scaling allows EVERYONE to do the WOD, so there's no excuse not to show up and give it your all!

Photo: If you can't do pull-ups, scale to jumping pull-ups

Workout of the Day:


AMRAP in 30:
5 Deadlift 275/185
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps, 24"

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  1. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Next shirt order do you think you can do a couple 3T or 4T… Ella has outgrown her CFVB gear!
    P.S. Rachel. I concur!

  2. Yea, even the big strong guys have to do jumping pull ups now and then too. lol
    There are no excuses needed at crossfit, just come in and do your best, get a good workout and go home satisfied, (or beat up). ha!!