A Miller No More


A Miller No More

Congrats to Kristi Miller, who is walking down the aisle today to become Mrs. Odom. We want to wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Workout of the Day:

10 rounds for time:
10 KB American swings  55/35
100m farmer walk with KB – you may switch hands once per walk

foul for setting KB down at anytime: 5 burpees
score = time + burpees, low score wins

10 Responses

  1. Chris H

    I’m just now starting to feel better from the rehearsal dinner. Tonight just might get ugly. Congrat’s, Miller!(Odom)

  2. Jenny Chang

    Congrats Kristi! So happy I was there to see you and Jared tie the knot! I love you both! Wendy and Rob, Jessie and I had such a great time talking with ya’ll. So glad I finally met “Kristi’s CF trainers”. 🙂