58″ Box Jump


58″ Box Jump

Steve's only 2 inches from his goal…notice, no running or stepping start.

Workout of the Day:

For time:
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 55/35
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand push-ups

22 Responses

  1. Debbie D

    That’s just crazy, Steve! totally impressive.
    Aha! It’s a do-over from Tuesday. Hope to make it back from Naples in time for the 5pm class.

  2. Now I know where his two boys got their box jumps from, thats incredible!!
    The main web site was down last night when I looked around 9:00pm, I think they didn’t want us having nightmares about doing this wod backwards from Tuesdays wod.

  3. kristi

    Way to go Dr. Short! That is very impressive!
    Just when we thought Tuesdays WOD was behind us they give us the reverse of it today. Definitely a different feeling doing it this way and more of a shoulder burner that is for sure. Way to go Diane sticking with one mat on the HSPU!

  4. john Y.

    Nice, bribery with beer. The new VBCF shirt should say, Will Cross Fit for Beer!
    Steve that was truly impressive.
    I did not get to do this one on Tuesday, But it was a very good workout. Yet again I find another weakness to work on, HSPU my last few were very sad only moving and inch or so vertically.
    Wendy on the next rest day maybe we could have a WOYW WOD (Work On Your Weakness)
    If only we could have a rope climb!

  5. John – you should be working on your HSPUs every other warm-up. You can increase it to every warm-up if you’d like.
    I’m up for a WOYW session.
    And quit whining for a rope climb or I’ll give you Tommy V, which includes 37 of them. 🙂

  6. Tara

    hmmm…it is a Friday night. Please don’t look down upon me if you see me drinking a beer after my WOD. I think I may be the only person who has done that at CFVB.

  7. Who is coming to the Trigger Point seminar tomorrow? We’ve got some out-of-towners from CrossFit Evolution and CrossFit South Florida Endurance.
    For the most part, you CFVBers aren’t taking advantage of this great opportunity!

  8. Rachel

    He should have these seminars during the winter, when there aren’t vball tourneys EVERY weekend 🙂 thats okay, I’ll just get Charlie or Joe to do the work for me haha…sometimes I wonder about the method to their madness at CF headquarters, I mean who does the same workout but backwards in the same week?! gotta love it
    I was there to witness Steve do this…crazy that he can pretty much jump his own height

  9. Frankie Doodle

    Yeah the trigger point series the same weekend as Sunfest….I really wanted to go to this one too 🙁

  10. Chuck G

    I didn’t get to do this one last time so i’m glad i’ll be able to do it today. To be honest i am alittle disapointed that they did this one again. I know it’s backwards but really…come on. Couldn’t think of another workout? Can anyone please shed some light as to why the main site decided to do this one again?????

  11. Chuck – to prove that the order of exercises in a WOD will affect your performance. No one beat their previous time so far…burpees at the end may suck, but at the beginning they affect the rest of the WOD immensely.
    Funny that this comment was made by someone who did this month’s Painstorm twice!

  12. kristi

    Kanuckles, I just stayed steady and consistent and remembered to breathe. Didn’t go to fast or slow just kept the same speed throughout.

  13. Susan Clendening

    I did this one on Tuesday, today was a rest day for me. I would think it is tougher this way especially with handstand pushups at the end.